find happiness in balance

THURSday 29th May 2019

by kiara harper 


When did you last spend quality time with your family? or a close friend? or took time out to connect with yourself? let me guess, you will send them a text or give them a call or book that gym session tomorrow but tomorrow never comes?

i have recently finished reading ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ where susan jeffers introduces the grid of life

start by creating a nine box grid with three boxes along the top, bottom and each side. fill each box with a word or phrase that represents your life

The Grid of Life | 003.jpg

it is likely you will either find it difficult to think of nine or will have too many and struggle to narrow it down. do not worry, you are not alone, there is no right answer. if you have too few, think about what you could add to enhance your life and if you have too many consider where you want to place your focus

if it helps, pick a box, shut your eyes and visualise what you want that part of your life to look like. create a List of what you need to do in order to make your visualisation a reality

It is all too easy to find yourself totally absorbed in one area of your life. However, If you have nine areas that define your life, it is easier to handle disruptions in any one area. For example, If your entire life is focused on your career, where do you turn when your career is disrupted? If you have not been giving any attention to the other areas of your life, it can be extremely difficult to find happiness and purpose elsewhere

Action is the key to your success….you have to do something to have a rich life

Remember, your grid of life will change over time but at any given moment be sure to commit 100%, to all nine boxes, with purpose. This will help you not only to focus but also to achieve a sense of fulfilment

The grid of life provides the basic structure to allow you to live a life of balance, richness and fulfilment. if you do not feel like taking the time to consider your grid of life, Ask yourself, do you not feel your life is worth it? if you find it difficult to get started, do not put yourself down, create a support network to inspire and motivate you


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