express yourself through journaling




Expressing ourselves isn’t always easy, some days we can talk until the sun sets and other days we struggle to find the words to start a conversation

Have you ever thought about writing a Journal?

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We can get carried away in the world of digital technology, where we have apps for everything, including journal apps; this may work for some but others like to physically hold the pen in their hand and put it to the paper

Getting your thoughts, feelings, plans and appointments down can really help you stay in control of everything day to day, as well as improve your mental health. Clearing your head and making connections with your thoughts can help you achieve more than you’d imagine

Journaling is a positive fun hobby WITH No time restraints or must-do’s. you cAn pick up your journal first thing in the morning, you can jot some ideas down at lunch timE….just blend it into your day

I have recently been introduced to ‘bullet journaling’ by a friend and have now ordered my first journal. This is very exciting for me personally, as I enjoy creativity and have a little obsession with stationary so I’m really looking forward to getting started with my creative ideas and how to design my journal. For me, I think mine will be personal, inspirational and full of plans for my family and I

A little self-reflection using a journal is key to a happy healthy lifestyle


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