efficiency boosting tools

Sunday 21st july 2019

by kiara harper 


Running a business alongside a full time job means I am always looking for ways in which both myself and my business can be more efficient

I have found that identifying the highest priorities and removing anything that does not add value is key to effective time management

Time is precious....waste is wisely

Doing so will allow you to assess what options you have, in this technology rich society, to achieve your goals in less time and with less stress

However, Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. I am always an advocate for investing in self development and pushing oneself out of ones comfort zone but not at the expense of yourself or your business….timing is critical

the market is saturated with platforms that claim to boost efficiency. Over the years I have identified several that have become integral in creating balance in my life. i have summarised their benefits below….maybe they could be of help you too

Efficiency Boosting Tools | 004.jpg


g SUITE | G Suite comes with a whole host of features but I mostly use it for Email, calendar and file storage. Google drive Offers me instant access to files from all devices along with to opportunity to share and collaborate with ease. GMail integrates seamlessly with acuity scheduler allowing me to see all appointments in real time

monday.com | having a team who have limited physical interaction can be challenging but monday.com changes this. I use monday.com to share and discuss ideas, schedule and track tasks and manage client interactions


adobe creative cloud | I am so in love with adobe creative cloud….it offers everything I need to fully embrace my creative side. I use photoshop, illustrator and indesign to create imagery, social media templates and stationary both for Squirhill and its clients

PLANN | I spent an inordinate amount of time trialling a fair number of social media management tools that are on the market and for me, plann was the most intuitive. I use it for planning my instagram posts….it takes a lot of stress of out that overwhelming pressure to post daily. plann also offers very powerful analytics. instagram is my primary social media platform but I manage facebook through pages and twitter through tweetdeck

SQuarespace | when I decided to build the Squirhill website, squarespace offered the perfect opportunity for an easy to build, aesthetically pleasing website with a great user experience. I chose to use the fulton template and over time have modified it using custom css and html


acuity scheduling | I use Acuity scheduling for the squirhill booking system. It is heavily customisable, integrates well with squarespace and square and Their customer service is second to none

square | Allowing me to take payment online and in person at ease along with offering powerful analytics

Xero | I think we all dread end of year accounts but xero makes reconciling my accounts easy. I can Upload receipts, send invoices and connect both my bank and paypal accounts. Accounting no longer feels like another language


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