collaborate don’t compete

THURSday 9th May 2019

by kiara harper 


the word Collaboration is often used but is it truly understood? We live in a world driven by technology, a world of self entitlement and instant gratification which has created a need to be smarter, faster and better in all that we do

noun /

The action of working with someone to produce something

however, we, as human being, have our limits. In order to keep up with this constant demand and not burn out, we need to collaborate, emphasised by the age old saying, “two heads are better than one”

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collaboration is about co-creation. being a freelancer or small business owner need not always be a solo venture, collaboration with those whom you have a common goal can be extremely rewarding

you are unique in that you are the only one with your exact collection of experiences and influences. Others may share some of your talents and abilities, but there is no one who is identical to you. This is great news….Just think about the amount of knowledge and experience you could draw on, the extra pairs of hands that would be available to support and the richness of the content you could create if you were to bring the minds of multiple unique individuals together


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