breathe through it

Sunday 16th June 2019

by kiara harper 


so, I naturally talk at speed but put me in front of a group of people, give me a topic I am passionate about and I become incomprehensible which only gets worse if i have to stand up or there are more than say five people in the group….give me a microphone and I want the ground to swallow me up. Sound familiar?

over the years this has become more of a problem for me as I have needed to give an increasing number of presentations….I needed a solution which i was pleased to discover was right under my nose

Breathe | 004.jpg

I have been practicing yoga since a young age and have been taught various breathing techniques along the way but did not really appreciate the value of them until i started hot vinyasa last year….if you don’t control your breathing in the heat, you soon start to feel light headed and dizzy. aside from that, I was truly amazed at just how powerful the breath really is….when struggling to hold a pose, focusing on my breath and not the struggle relaxed my body along with the muscle in tension and before I knew it, I was on to the next pose

Despite the art of breathing being so natural, as adults we pick up bad habits. If you were to watch a baby breathing you will notice their tummies rise with every inhale and lower with every exhale. However, if you were to take a deep breathe in, it is highly likely your chest will rise which is considered 'shallow breathing' and not conducive to lowering your stress levels

Pranayama | the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises

Here is a basic breathing exercise that I learnt in yoga and now use before any big presentation:

  1. Place both hands on your tummy, one on top of the other

  2. inhale deeply, feeling your tummy expand and counting to five as you do so

  3. Exhale completely, pulling your tummy towards your spine

  4. repeat

TIP: it is advised that you breathe through your nose as it will offer you increased control


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