benefits of a collaborative workspace

sunday 13th January 2019

by kiara harper 


The world is fast changing and so is the way in which we like to work. whether an ENTREPRENEUR, SMALL BUSINESS OWNER or REMOTE WORKER, there are many reasons why we look for a collaborative workspace, not least through fear of getting cabin fever from working at home

what is a collaborative workspace?

Also Known As a coworking space, a collaborative workspace involves the gathering of a group of like-minded people, working independently but collocated

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aside from offering a solution to the problem of isolation and an escape from the various distractions of our home or local coffee shop, There are numerous benefits of a collaborative workspace; here are our top three:

  1. Increased creativity and motivation

A collaborative workspace has an energy created by the drive and passion of its members to SUCCEED….this is CONTAGIOUS. You will be able to work at the time and pace you want with less formalities and distraction and more productivity

2. flexibility

If you are considering office space you will soon realise all of the associated drawbacks. A fixed term lease, deposits, utility bills and infrastructure, to name a few. a collaborative workspace will take care of that for you with a variety of membership options and typically free amenities

3. networking and promotion

Collaborative workspaces stimulate a sense of community whilst bolstering business by fostering new relationships. You will meet an amazing group of like-minded people who have potential to become friends, clients or collaboration opportunities. Participate in events to develop and grow


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