BE is the creative branding arm to squirhill and is something I am very passionate about. we (you included) put so much of ourselves into our businesses that I believe it is key to ensure our clients are able to feel this in the products and services we offer

We can find ourselves so focused on trying to get new clients and distracted by advice and feedback from others of what we should and should not be doing that we can forget the real reason(s) we started our business in the first place

Well….I am here to make sure you do not forget and to help your business to convey your passion with a range of services

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#1 inspire

inspiration is what stimulates us to thought process of creating your own business. it typically leads to idea generation which can be narrowed down to an idea in turn then the narrowing down of our ideas to the one we want to take forward


#2 analyse

Your purpose, core values, customer avatar and usp (unique selling point) are the foundation of your business and you should remind yourself of these daily. They are everything your business stands for

service menu

Consultation £50/hr

Define Purpose £100

Define Core Values £100

Define Customer Avatar £100 Each

Identify USP £200

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#3 design

Your Logo, Icons, Fonts, Colour Palette and Imagery enable your customers to create a first impression of your business….make sure it is a good one

Service Menu

Create Logo £200

Create Icons £200

Define Fonts £150

Define Colour Palette £150

Identify Imagery £300

business cards | website | bottom.png

#4 produce

a lot of focus is place on our online identity but it is important to ensure it isn’t lost when representing our businesses in the real world

our stationary and promotional products can give a lasting first impression


#5 release

It is so easy to get hung up in the need to be creating engaging content daily that we can sometimes lose ourselves in the process. Our content strategy reference diagram offers the perfect look up….if it doesn’t fit, don’t post it

Service Menu

Create Social Media Templates £100

Create Stationary From £100

Create Promotional Products From £100

Create Content Strategy Reference Diagram From £400